What is Active Directory Integration?


Active directory integration is the process of incorporating directory services — a suite of tools for managing users, groups, and resources — into a network of computers.  These tools, in combination, can allow your system administrators to efficiently and securely control access to basic and essential IT services such as checking email, logging into workstations, sharing files, or using a network printer. 

How the Active Directory Integration Works


Active directory integration works by storing all your user data in one place, essentially becoming a single switchboard for user data and access privileges. System administrators can use active directory to add or remove users, groups, and resources quickly and efficiently through one dashboard. 

Advantages of Active Directory Integration


Active directory integration can offer your company three broad benefits:

  • Improved risk mitigation: Active directory integration allows you to add or revoke user access instantly, across your whole network. The simplicity and speed with which access can be adjusted will enhance your agility against security threats. 
  • More efficient scaling: Active directory integration lets you control access to services from a centralized user database. You're therefore better positioned to stay on top of your core business, regardless of workforce size or operational complexity. 
  • Streamlined network administration: Active directory integration better equips your team to manage users, groups, and the resources they need to perform effectively. 


Companies that Benefit from Active Directory Integration


Active directory integration is vital if your company's security and productivity rely on clean, centralized, and accurate user data. Active directory integration reduces your exposure to security threats while allowing you to dynamically match teams with essential IT resources.

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