What Is Activity-Based Routing?


Activity-based routing uses the activity of call center representatives to choose which agent should handle an incoming call. Activity typically refers to the number of calls an employee receives, but in some cases may include active support tickets or other tasks. Activity-based routing improves the efficiency of a call center or any team that needs to handle incoming calls in the course of a busy day.


How Does Activity-Based Routing Work?


Activity-based routing uses software to analyze the call activity of each representative. The system can then choose the agents who are most available at the moment. Activity-based routing can also monitor the activity of all agents and choose to send more or fewer calls to those who are less active. For example, if an agent has gone several hours without taking a call, an activity-based routing system can observe this and then send the next call their way. Activity-based routing is often used in conjunction with other call routing measures like skills-based routing, or systems that route calls based on how many are coming in.


Benefits of Activity-Based Routing


With activity-based routing, an organization can better manage its resources and callers can spend less time waiting for help. Activity-based routing can: Help make sure all agents get roughly the same amount of work. Help agents stay alert instead of going through long lulls in work. Get customers faster service because they don't have to wait for an agent with several calls in their queue while other agents are available.


Uses for Activity-Based Routing


Activity-based routing can help a variety of companies with heavy or fluctuating call volumes. For example, if an organization has a team of customer service agents and wants to spread the calls evenly across the team, activity-based routing can help. Also, if certain agents tend to get more calls than others—either by choice or external factors—activity-based routing can help balance the workload. With activity-based routing, an organization enables a more productive and equitable work environment. The customer also benefits as they receive better service quicker.

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