What Is Audible Desktop Alerts?


Audible desktop alerts allow your company to transmit critical messages to desktop computers in your company’s network. Moreover, these can be sent simultaneously alongside messages transmitted to portable devices. In this manner, audible desktop alerts allow you to inform your whole team with just one communication, regardless of the technology they’re using. The technology shines out for the versatility it can bring to your mass communication strategies, and in how it lets communication flow seamlessly across a wide range of devices.


Kinds of Audible Desktop Alerts


Thanks to its considerable versatility, audible desktop alerts can help your company meet a wide range of communication priorities. Here are a few broad examples:

  • Critical response messaging: If a message is an extreme commercial priority, the option to easily communicate effectively to all devices better positions your team for a swift and effective response.
  • In-office and mobile staff messaging: Audible desktop alerts can offer a powerful platform for regular information updates. The feature is particularly useful within complex team structures made up of both onsite and remote staff.
  • Crisis notification: Audible desktop alerts can be a vital tool when issuing an emergency notification. When your team’s well-being is at stake, the option to simultaneously communicate to desktops, cell phones, and handsets saves precious time.


How Do Audible Desktop Alerts Work?


Audible desktop alerts are widely customizable. In a typical setup, when an audible desktop alert is issued an audio message will instantly playback on all desktop terminals (or a defined subset) within your network. The audio may be a pre-recorded message, or it can be delivered as voice-to-text — effectively allowing you to transmit the same information as text and voice in one action.


Who Benefits from Audible Desktop Alerts?


Businesses with a hybrid communication network consisting of phones, portable devices, and desktop terminals will benefit from audible desktop alert functionality. The feature is particularly powerful for teams whose success also relies on rapidly formulating well-coordinated strategies.

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