What are Bilingual Services?


Phone systems with bilingual services display notifications and other information in a chosen language. This feature allows non-native English speakers to more seamlessly connect with other users, even when there is a language barrier. Users can set their phone displays to show on-screen prompts, select pre-recorded greetings and audio prompts, and even display the clock format in a preferred language.


Benefits & Advantages of Bilingual Services


Equipping your phone system with bilingual services is more cost effective than hiring a language interpreter on your staff. Since these services are provided through a machine, they are also available for your customers and stakeholders at all times, even outside of normal business hours.

Providing bilingual services also demonstrates care for your company partners and employees as it makes facilitating communication in different countries much easier. If your business is multi-national, providing phone systems with bilingual services allows users in each region to determine their own default language.

How to Use Bilingual Services


When setting up a bilingual phone system, you can select a primary and secondary language. Users to your system can then press keys on their phone’s keypad to switch between languages. Some systems also offer a speech recognition feature that allows callers to speak names, department names, or phone numbers in either of the chosen languages.


Types of Companies That Can Use Bilingual Services


Bilingual services are especially helpful for companies with business locations in multiple countries. A bilingual phone system can help employees in different countries to connect seamlessly without the need for a human interpreter. 

If you have employees from different nationalities working in the same office, these features also help to easily navigate between languages without the need for complicated and time-consuming reprogramming of office phones. 

If your customers speak several languages, these features can also help demonstrate your commitment to providing excellent customer service by communicating in a language they understand, right from the beginning.

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