What Is Business Text Messaging?


Business text messaging is a short messaging service (SMS) that allows two-way conversations between business employees and customers. Once it is enabled, the business text messaging feature gives customers and prospects a way to easily reach out or respond to a business right from their text-message-enabled phone.


How Does Business Text Messaging Work?


For inbound communications, customers can send a message to a short numeric code or the company's direct phone number. All incoming communications are collected in the company phone system to track responses and update communication logs in the customer management software (CMS). For outbound communications, employees can send text messages to any customer who has provided consent to receive text messages through the company system. Once a customer has given consent, employees can then text updates, questions, or reminders through the communications portal.


Use Cases for Business Text Messaging


Business text messaging provides an efficient way to communicate with groups of customers at once. Through the company portal, an employee could craft a single text message that notifies an entire customer group of a local sale or upcoming event. Businesses can also use an inbound shortcode in advertisements and promotional literature to encourage prospective customers to reach out for additional information. When customers text a keyword to the provided shortcode, they can be automatically added to a communications list with specific tags to further identify the prospect. Business text messaging can be especially useful in recruiting internal job candidates. Text messaging can be an efficient way to schedule interviews and provide reminders to prospective employees.


Benefits of Business Text Messaging


Business text messaging gives employees another communication channel to engage with customers and provide support. Not only can texting minimize troubleshooting time and improve the customer experience, but it can also save companies money by eliminating phone tag and cutting back on missed calls. Since many individuals carry their phones throughout the day, text messaging can also be the most efficient means of sending out time-sensitive alerts to customers when needed.



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