What is Call Monitoring?




Call monitoring is the process of listening in on employee calls for the purpose of improving communication and customer service. It’s most commonly used in customer support settings to help decrease overall agent training time and deliver a high-quality, consistent support experience.

Often you’ll hear call monitoring referred to as call logging, agent monitoring or quality monitoring. However, the process is the same. Calls can be monitored with or without the knowledge of the agent, and they are typically recorded and stored for later access and analysis.


Use Cases For Call Monitoring Beyond The Call Center


Beyond the traditional customer support setting, call monitoring has its place across different departments within your organization. For instance, it can be used within your sales departments to help coach and offer feedback on trainees. You’ll be able to highlight examples of successful sales calls, along with scoring and adding notes to calls in real-time. This can also extend to your lead tracking process as well by being able to see how leads are handled once they’ve been passed onto your sales team.


Advanced Call Monitoring Features


Advanced call monitoring features include being able to speak directly to your representative while on an active call without the customer hearing anything, call barge in to join a call that’s already in progress, along with call takeover to let managers or other employees speak to your customer.


Who Benefits Most From Call Monitoring?


Any department within your organization who regularly engages with clients and customers can benefit from call monitoring. With a proper management team analyzing calls in the moment, you’ll be able to help your organization run more efficiently and speed up the training process for any new employees.



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