What Is Call ParkIng?


Call parking is a business phone system feature that allows you to put a call on hold, so that another person can pick it up on a different phone. When you “park” the call, anyone with access to the parked call can pick it up.


How Call Parking Works


Call parking is involves a private network – often in the cloud – that is only visible to authorized users. As opposed to call forwarding, where a call is sent to one specific number, call parking allows multiple people to pick up the call. This works well for companies or departments with shared calling responsibilities, as it better distributes calls based on availability.


You can put a call directly into the parked state, transfer to the parked call after you’ve picked up, or park an incoming call in the when you’re already on the phone. Without call parking, you typically have the following options if you receive an inbound call while you’re on the phone: let the new caller hear a busy signal, send the inbound call to voicemail, or put your current caller on hold while you answer the new call. With call parking, you can park the incoming call directly for someone else on your team to pick up, which helps callers hasten call resolution.

For the caller, being parked is the same experience as being on hold (though someone usually answers them more quickly than being on traditional hold). Plus, the original caller’s line will continue to ring periodically if no one picks up the parked call.


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