What Is Call Queuing?


Call queuing is a technology that places inbound callers into one or more virtual queues. The technology allows your company to minimize calling wait times while ensuring that your queries are directed to the right person as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Through efficiently handling inbound call traffic, a good call queuing system can improve your sales, increase customer loyalty, and build stronger brand awareness.


How Call Queuing Works


An outbound caller to your company will be greeted with a recorded message. After logging the nature of their inquiry via an automated menu, they’ll then be placed into a virtual queue. Regular verbal updates will keep them advised of their progress, while behind the scenes, the system will reliably direct the caller to the first available operator who can assist with their inquiry.


Benefits of Call Queuing


  • Improved customer satisfaction: The longer your customers have to wait, the less important they feel. Call queuing is designed to get your customers to the conversation they seek in as little time as possible. Moreover, these systems keep your customers informed of their progress.
  • Increased productivity: Call queuing software minimizes the administrative back and forth of finding the right contact point for an outbound inquiry. This saves time and eases the frustration of poorly handled calls.
  • Increased sales: The longer a customer has to wait on the phone, the more likely they are to simply hang up. And they may not return. A quick and efficient queuing process reduces your rate of lost callers.


Types of Companies That Should Use Call Queuing


If your company experiences a large volume of outbound calls (or significant variability of call volume between peak and quiet hours) a call queuing system will help you handle your daily influx of phone inquiries as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

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