What Are Call Transfers?



Call transfers, or call forwarding, is a process of relocating an inbound call to another phone or messaging system. This is often accomplished with a dedicated call transfer button on a physical phone, but can also be done using software.


Depending on the specific system, the recipient of the call transfer may or may not be able to refuse the call. A transfer typically includes the phone number of the original caller or other identifying information. More sophisticated business phone systems typically facilitate greater transfer of information along with the call, including notes by previous handlers of the call.


Advantages And Benefits Of Call Transfer Features


Call transferring systems offer a number of benefits to both large and small organizations. These solutions make employees more available to provide support when they are out of the office. For example, a traveling employee can set up a call forward from a desk phone to a mobile phone to always remain in contact. This makes a company's labor force far more mobile than if they were tethered to a desk phone.


Call transferring can also provide significant customer service benefits. Call centers or help desks with regional calling codes can forward calls to a single switchboard. Using local area codes is more convenient for customers, and transfers to a single switchboard provide for quicker response times.


Types Of Roles And Companies That Benefit Most From Call Transfer Systems


Call transfer systems are especially helpful for call centers or other customer service functions. Depending on the product or service, a customer might need to be speak with multiple people in different locations. Call transfers provide for a simple, hassle-free way to apply diverse expertise to a customer issue. Construction companies, utilities firms or other businesses with a remote workforce significantly benefit from these solutions. Call forwarding to a construction site or field repair location ensures that employees are always in contact.

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