What Is Case Management?


Case management is a tracking system that integrates with your phone network to log and monitor client requests, which are often referred to as ‘cases. By using a case management system, your team can quickly see where your cases are in the queue, any notes made regarding the case, and what work needs to be done to resolve the case. Since case management integrates with your phone system, you can also search for cases by a variety of triggers, including customer name, case number, or phone number.


Uses for Case Management


Case management is a helpful tool for any business that handles customer service issues or ongoing customer projects that require follow up. For example, case management tools can help in the following types of scenarios:

  • A lawyer's office that evaluates incoming potential clients.
  • A construction firm that handles repair projects.
  • An online software-as-a-service platform that tracks reported software glitches or requested updates.
  • An auto body shop that manages customer car repairs and warranty claims.


While these are not the only types of businesses that can benefit from case management tracking, they demonstrate a wide array of applications for tracking customer needs through a case management system.


Benefits & Advantages of Case Management


With an integrated case management system, your organization can more efficiently track communication, even within cross-functional teams. Using this feature, members from sales, billing, technical support, and management can all view the current status of customer cases without having to place customers on hold to gather updates from other teams. This integrated tracking also allows for automated notifications and reminders, helping to prevent customer issues from slipping through the cracks.


Types of Case Management


While case management can apply to many industries, the system is also flexible enough to track various types of cases throughout your organization. In addition to tracking direct customer requests, you can use case management to track leads or opportunities, vendors, products, sales, customer education initiatives and integrated campaigns.

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