What is Click-to-Dial?


Click-to-dial, sometimes called click-to-call, is a kind of digital communication where the user clicks a button or link to get connected with another user in real-time. With click-to-dial, you can call a customer in seconds just by clicking a linked number or button. The phone call gets routed by your softphone—there’s no need for any hard-line connection.


Who Benefits from Click-to-Dial?


Anyone involved with direct response marketing, including employees and managers, may find click-to-dial efficient and beneficial. Employees can reach out to customers directly from a web page, a form the customer has submitted, or from within their customer relations management (CRM) system. This functionality gives them the benefit of faster, easier communication. Ultimately, customers benefit, too, because they don’t have to wait as long for answers to their questions or to get other support.


How Click-to-Dial Works


Click-to-dial works by using a softphone to connect two people. The voice of each participant is turned into data, which is transmitted by the softphone app. In practice, it works one of two ways:

  • An employee can click on any number they see on their device, and the softphone connects the two parties.
  • Your company can use click-to-dial with its CRM (customer relations management) software.
  • A user can click on a button to get connected with a customer.
  • The contact info gets pulled from the customer’s profile in the CRM, and the softphone makes the connection.


Advantages of Click-to-Dial


  • Click-to-dial takes much of the time and effort out of connecting with customers. Some of the specific benefits include:
  • Your sales force or support staff can connect with customers in an instant.
  • You can save your sales force time by incorporating click-to-dial in your CRM system.
  • It’s easier to maintain regular communication with existing customers because it’s simpler and quicker to reach out to them.


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