What Is A Dedicated Number?


A dedicated number is a unique phone number for a specific business or employee. In the latter case, any inbound calls to the number will be routed directly to the employee. Dedicated numbers can be assigned to mobile or desk phone accounts. Dedicated numbers can also be virtual and used on a VoIP account.


Who Should Use A Dedicated Number?


Dedicated numbers are valuable to both established businesses and startups. Established businesses with large workforces need dedicated numbers for each employee, making it easier for customers to get in touch with the employee they have previously communicated with. Startups, especially those without a brick-and-mortar presence, need dedicated numbers to manage customer relationships.


Advantages Of A Dedicated Number


Dedicated numbers provide a great deal of value for businesses. They help strengthen relationships with customers and drive internal efficiency.

  • Customer Service: A dedicated number is important for providing first-class customer service. Customers want the convenience of a consistent point of contact to resolve their concerns. Companies can create a dedicated "Contact Us" or "Talk To Sales" number that will route incoming calls to the appropriate person. Having a dedicated number is beneficial because you can keep customers satisfied and reduce call center congestion.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: A dedicated number also allows companies to better assess their marketing spend. Assigning a contact number to each campaign makes it easier to evaluate marketing effectiveness on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Marketing leaders can then determine the best strategies to raise awareness and convert sales.
  • CRM Integration: Dedicated numbers easily integrate with the most common CRM software platforms. Connecting a dedicated number to a CRM platform ensures that customer replies are routed to the appropriate team. That automation eliminates the need for manually capturing and forwarding customer information. Businesses need dedicated phone numbers to manage customer relationships. Dedicated numbers also help automate marketing functions and maximize marketing ROI.
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