What Are Desktop Notifications?


Desktop notifications create a popup message each time an inbound call is received. Popup messages provide both a visual and audio notification of an inbound call and appear even when the browser is minimized. Desktop notifications provide critical information including the caller’s name, previous interactions, and other information on file.


Advantages Of Desktop Notifications


Desktop notifications allow agents to easily screen inbound calls and make an informed decision about whether to accept a call. Desktop notifications also boost call center productivity, as agents can perform other tasks on their computers and still be alerted to an inbound call. They can interact with other customers or send emails and then accept a call with a single click. Desktop notifications ensure agents can focus on a variety of tasks while still providing a quality customer experience.


Who Benefits From Desktop Notifications?


Customer service call centers greatly benefit from desktop notifications. Call centers handle a high volume of inbound calls and need to quickly triage those customers. Desktop notifications ensure that each customer service representative makes an informed decision when accepting calls. They also help sales agents screen calls to identify high-priority prospects. Desktop notifications cut through the clutter and provide the right information at the right time.


Advanced Desktop Notification Features


Mitel’s desktop notifications are intuitive and user friendly. Clicking on a popup message automatically opens the call interface. The caller’s name, picture, and title are then displayed in an easily digestible format. If the agent chooses to decline, the caller’s information is still logged for easy follow up. Businesses need to get the greatest ROI on their call center infrastructure. Desktop notifications maximize the productivity of call center staff and help triage high-priority calls. Agents can focus on a variety of tasks without the risk of missing a call.

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