What Is A Dial By Name Directory?



A dial by name directory is an application that helps your employees or outside callers find the employee they’re looking for. To locate a person within your organization, they’ll type in the letters that correspond to that person’s first name or last name on their keypad. Employees may also access this directory through a software application, like a collaboration app. This is typically used so company employees and any inbound callers can reach a party without knowing their extension. 


Managing Dial By Name Directories


You can add or remove people from your directory as well. If your business has multiple locations, you can configure your name directories based upon your business locations. First, your caller will choose the correct business location, then they’ll dial by name to reach the correct party. 

This type of directory can easily be managed by your customer service staff so only people who are currently employed by your organization will be listed. It’s also possible to completely exclude certain personnel from the directory if they express the desire to remain unlisted. 


Benefits And Advantages Of Dial By Name Directories


Using a public-facing dial by name directory can help to enhance your customer service across the board. You’ll be able to let your customers type in the corresponding alphanumeric digits, or they can listen to the entire list of available options. If someone is calling your business and they don’t know the proper extension, this can help them quickly find the person they’re looking for. 

For employees, this can reduce time wasted figuring out how to contact employees who they don't interact with regularly, and increase the speed of information exchange in the business.


Types Of Organizations And Companies That Benefit Most From Dial By Name Directories

Any business who receives a high volume of inbound calls can help to free up their support staff and let callers directly access the right employee. Or, if you have a large organization spread out across multiple locations and departments, you can improve workflow by helping employees to quickly find exactly who they need to speak to.


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