What Is Direct Inward Dialing (DID)?


Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a communication technology designed to connect a set of external telephone numbers to a private branch exchange (PBX). Using DID technology, telephone numbers can be assigned dynamically throughout a company without additional external phone lines.


How Direct Inward Dialing Works


DID technology acts as a connection point between a limited number of rented external lines and many internal company phone numbers. Think of the technology as a highly adaptable telephone exchange that connects your PBX with the public telephone network.

For example, if a department within a company acquired additional staff, more phone lines could easily be assigned to the department using DID. Or let’s say a manager within your company moved to different physical areas in your company throughout the day; DID technology would allow you to quickly reroute the manager’s phone number to follow their movements.


Benefits of Direct Inward Dialing


  • Reduced costs: DID technology can successfully handle your company’s telephone lines without the need for a human operator. The technology also delivers savings on telephone line rental costs because it can cater to many internal phone numbers through relatively few external lines.


  • Enhanced efficiency: By assigning a DID number to an employee within your company, you can direct calls from outside lines without first going through an operator or a menu service. DID delivers a smooth and efficient calling experience and less frustration for your calling public.


Use Cases for Direct Inward Dialing


  • A small business might acquire DID numbers so that local customers can call employees directly using a local number. This implementation of DID technology offers the dual benefits of efficient direct-line calling and an enhanced local presence, reinforcing the sense that your business is a local vendor.


  • A sales team might use DID numbers to issue direct numbers to prospects, thus nurturing a direct communication line with a representative they know and trust. This approach reinforces a personal touch. It also minimizes the number of steps between a potential customer and their purchasing decision.
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