What Is Emergency Calling?


Emergency calling allows police, fire departments, or other first responders to more quickly respond to an emergency at your business location. This feature routes outbound emergency calls to the appropriate authorities. First responders also receive critical information that can prove vital in an emergency.


How Does Emergency Calling Work?


With emergency calling, the location of each account is registered with emergency services, along with a call back number in the event first responders need further information. This ensures that any outbound call is connected to the nearest emergency response site. Customers must ensure that the name, address, and telephone number for each account is current. They must also assign an employee to each emergency call back number. If this information is out of date, emergency calls may be sent to the wrong location.


Benefits Of Emergency Calling


Emergency calling can significantly reduce emergency response times. The location information on file ensures that outbound calls are directed to the closest police department, fire department, or hospital. First responders can call back while en route and be prepared when they arrive at your facility. This helps you better protect your business and reduce the risk of disruption.


Types Of Companies That Can Use Emergency Calling


All companies can benefit from emergency calling, but these features may be particularly useful for the following types of companies:

  • Manufacturers with facilities spanning multiple jurisdictions need to ensure emergency calls are quickly routed to the right location.
  • Oil refineries or other energy facilities need to minimize emergency response times as much as possible.


Emergency calling ensures companies quickly get the first responders necessary to preserve personnel and property. When businesses experience an emergency they need first responders onsite as soon as possible. Delays have the potential to seriously impact business operations. Mitel emergency calling ensures that first responders have critical information as soon as possible.

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