An employee directory stores the names and contact information for employees across the enterprise. These databases can be organized by specific teams, offices, or other groupings. Employees can quickly access the directory and find the appropriate contact information for coworkers.


How The Employee Directory Works


Critical contact information in the directory includes employee names and extensions. That information is stored in an easily searchable format accessible to any employee. The employee directory is updated as new hires join the company or long-time employees leave. Any phone can access the employee directory remotely, ensuring that each employee has the most up to date contact information. Employees can also update their own contact information as they change roles or locations.


Benefits Of An Employee Directory


Employee directories are some of the most frequently used internal communication tools. Directories allow employees to quickly collaborate with coworkers, regardless of where they are located. Collaboration among different teams is critical in most modern companies. That collaboration depends on rapid, frictionless communication, whether it's a routine task or a more complex project. Employee directories foster communication and ensure your company can truly harness the power of human connection and collaboration.


How To Use The Employee Directory


Employees can access contact information by first pushing the “Directory” button on their phone. They then enter the first or last name of the person they wish to contact. The directory will promptly display that employee's extension number and any other information on file. Employees can then select the contact information and call the appropriate extension. With a few clicks employees can contact anyone across the enterprise. Cross-functional collaboration is critical for both established companies and startups. Employee directories help teams across your company collaborate on time-sensitive projects. Mitel’s employee directory services ensure your organization’s collective knowledge is available at the click of a button.


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