What is Hands-Free Operation?


Hands-free operation refers to the use of a communication device — whether a conventional office desk telephone, a smartphone, or a computer headset — with minimal or no manual manipulation. Once the user is wearing a hands-free communication device, they can carry out conversations and potentially even send texts with their hands out of the equation.


How Does Hands-Free Operation Work?


Headsets are a cornerstone of hands-free communication. A lightweight device fits over the user’s head, positioning a microphone near their mouth and an earpiece in one or both ears. While wired headsets are still available, headsets are increasingly taking advantage of Bluetooth or wireless technology.

Another form of hands-free operation is via voice-activated software. Typically used in conjunction with a smartphone, the speaker uses a basic set of voice commands to initiate or answer calls. And again, all interaction can take place without manually manipulating the device.


What Are the Advantages of Hands-Free Operation?


Advantages of Hands-Free


Operation Hands-free operation can enhance your team’s agility and responsiveness in a few important ways.

  • Improved productivity: Headsets make it easier for your team to multi-task by entering data, conducting research, and taking notes while carrying on a conversation. Moreover, voice-activated commands tend to make the technology minimally distracting, thus generally improving how the technology integrates with routine workflows.
  • Easier communication: A dedicated mic and earpiece make communication a physically easier process, particularly when coupled with the enhanced noise-canceling technology that many of these devices possess.
  • Healthier staff: Liberating your staff from holding a handset makes it easier to sit at a desk safely and without unnecessary back or neck pain.


Who Should Use Hands-Free Operation?


Any company with team members whose work depends significantly on verbal communication can benefit from hands-free operation functionality. It’s particularly well-suited for businesses with an active phone-based sales team.

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