What Is Historical Reporting?


Historical reporting allows supervisors and managers to gain a big picture on what is happening across a call center team over time. These insights position teams to work more efficiently by helping managers rapidly identify emerging trends and persistent pain points, and to come up with workable solutions.


How Historical Reporting Works


A manager accesses the historical reporting module from a computer connected to the contact center. A range of reports can audit call data in real-time, providing overviews of chat outcomes, pending email correspondence, and metrics relating to voice sales conversations. The user can then drill deeper into any of the module’s many reporting tools, analyzing data by team, content, or even right down to the individual operator level.


What's Included in Historical Reporting?


  • Business intelligence tools: Analyze sales data, customer service incidences, and similar data over time. These and a wide range of similar business intelligence reports are designed to help companies build effective and response strategies.
  • Optimization of operations: Through cross-tabulating metrics like average call time and sales conversion rates, you can gain insight into the efficiency of your call center processes, quickly identifying areas for improvement or refinement.


Benefits & Advantages of Historical Reporting


  • Saved time: Historical reporting allows you to pull reports as and when required — without excessive manual data manipulation. This saves hours of busy-time and allows your team to analyze critical data more frequently without an associated opportunity cost.
  • Improved analysis: Historical reporting makes it feasible to analyze a wider range of variables, granting improved insight into what’s happening across your call center, and why. Moreover, you can easily adjust your time frames to gain better insights into seasonal and long-term trends.
  • Responsiveness to change: Data is next to useless if it can’t be analyzed and acted upon. Quick, accurate historical reports place critical information at your fingertips and better position your company to adapt to change.
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