What Is A Hunt Group?


A hunt group is a set of connections and rules that route incoming calls to a group of users until someone is available or all users have been tried. If a call is routed through the hunt group and every user is busy, the call is then routed to voicemail.


How Do Hunt Groups Work?


When a phone line has a hunt group set up, all incoming calls are routed through the hunt group. Members within the hunt group can be designated users, such as all members of the IT department, or it can consist of only members who are actively working, such as all on-duty members of a customer service center. 

The rules for the hunt group specify the order in which members of the hunt group are contacted. When a call comes in, it is routed to the member in position one. If that line is busy, it is forwarded on to the member in position two, and so on. In some cases, the hunt group can be set up to ring all non-busy lines at the same time, or the rules can specify that the call is added to a queue instead of sent to voicemail when all member lines are busy. 


Benefits of Hunt Groups


Hunt groups can be an extremely effective way to manage high volume call centers. Since hunt groups can route calls automatically, this eliminates the need for a human to handle incoming call management and ensures that all calls are routed fairly and efficiently. This can also reduce labor costs and improve call handling times since calls are being routed to the first available member in the hunt group. 


Who Should Use Hunt Groups?


Hunt groups are valuable for many types of businesses, but they are especially beneficial for teams with large incoming call centers. They can also be valuable for startup companies where all company responsibilities are distributed across a few employees who handle many jobs. 

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