What Is Keyword Transcription?


Keyword transcription, also referred to as keyword spotting, is a process of analyzing large quantities of voice data to identify certain specific keywords or key phrases. When a keyword is detected, a variety of actions can be triggered. For example, keyword transcription might monitor levels of interest across your product line. Or it might be used to identify phone conversations in which customers raise high-priority or sensitive issues.? Speech processing can help your business efficiently extract useful and actionable insights from a large body of voice data.


How Does Keyword Transcription Work?


Keyword transcription uses artificial intelligence (AI) to break down the audio signal of a phone conversation into individual sounds, analyzing this flow of data to identify specific words or phrases. This process can be performed on pre-recorded discussions, or it can take place in real-time, the software immediately performing defined actions as a conversation is happening.


Benefits of Keyword Transcription


Keyword transcription can strengthen your business in a variety of ways:

  • Improved responsiveness in sales: Using keyword speech processing, call managers can review a team’s sales methods, efficiently identifying areas where sales scripts can be improved to optimize outcomes.
  • An accurate sense of demand: Keyword transcription can evaluate phone conversations to maintain a precise summary record of those products and services that are garnering the most significant customer interest.
  • A nuanced understanding of how your customers feel about your brand: The AI that powers keyword transcription is sophisticated enough to build emotion detection into its analysis of voice data. This allows your sales team to accurately gauge how customers are responding to your products.



Use Cases for Keyword Transcription


Keyword transcription software identifies an uptick in customer support calls for a specific product. Moreover, many of these call sessions include the keyword “refund.” In this way, a business rapidly identifies a problem with its product line and takes appropriate measures. Using keyword transcription software, a sales management team reviews several weeks’ of sales calls to identify products that are attracting considerable customer interest. Your team can then use this data to bring better focus to an upcoming advertising campaign.

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