What is Last Number Redial?


The redial button on your office phone is designed to enable you and your employees to quickly redial the last number that was called. The most recent phone number is saved in your phone's memory and can be redialed with just the touch of a button.


Advantages & Benefits of Last Number Redial


Last number redial lets you easily call back your most recent phone call. Whether you spoke to someone, the line was busy, or the call went unanswered, your phone will remember the number. This helps you be more efficient in making the calls you need without having to determine the origin of your most recent phone call.


Use Cases for Last Number Redial


The ease of having the last number saved right on your phone can help you and your employees to be diligent in their work. Here are a few different situations where the redial function is beneficial:

  • Busy Phone Line: You may be trying to contact a specific person or business and their line is busy. You have no way of knowing how long that line will be busy so being able to easily press a button to redial the number can help you make contact sooner than you would be able to otherwise.
  • Unanswered Phone: If a call goes unanswered, you may move on to doing other work, forgetting the number you just dialed. You can use the last number redial feature to try the call again.
  • Customer Support: You may have had a conversation and perhaps had to get more information for the customer. A quick and easy redial can help you get back to helping them as soon as possible, without having to look up their information in their customer profile. This will help the customer feel their questions and concerns are important to you and know that you value their satisfaction.
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