What Is Local Caller ID?


Local Caller ID lets you be in control of what information is displayed on the other end when you make an outbound phone call. With it, you can modify the display to make it look as if the call is coming from a place local to where you’re calling from.


Advantages & Benefits of Local Caller ID


If someone does not recognize an area code, they are less likely to answer the phone. Displaying your phone number as a local one greatly increases the chances of that person picking up the phone. Having a local number helps your customers respond more favorably and feel more comfortable speaking with you.


How Is Local Caller ID Different from Standard Caller ID?


Both Local and Standard Caller ID digitally display the name and phone number of the person calling. However, the origin of that number differs:

Standard Caller ID displays the name and number registered to the phone you are using on all outgoing calls. The number assigned to that phone when originally registered depends on its physical location. Local Caller ID will display a phone number that is local to the area being called­—no matter where the phone is physically located.


Using Local Caller ID at Your Company


If your business relies on speaking to customers or potential clients over the phone, you want your employees to be able to easily reach as many people as possible. You may be making sales calls, doing a telemarketing campaign, or trying to expand your business in a particular region. A non-local area code showing up in caller ID could be an obstacle. Having local caller ID will help your customers to confidently answer the phone knowing they are speaking to someone that understands and cares about them.

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