What Are Meetings?


Meetings are real-time, collaborative, and interactive web-based communications. They are managed via text messaging technology and merged video and audio systems. Meetings may also utilize video conferencing to connect people from any destination.


How to Set Up a Meeting On Your Phone System


Install your business phone system with your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), either via your desktop or the mobile app. Select the 'Meetings' tab. Give your meeting a title and click the start meeting tab for an instant meeting. If you're setting up an upcoming meeting, select 'create meeting.' Attach all your meeting's details in the information field. Click on 'participants,' then the 'invite' tab to add all your attendees. Select an invitation type like email or text messaging and click on send. Don't forget to provide all your participants with the meeting's ID and exclusive telephone number.


Advantages of Meetings


The main benefits of web-based meetings are as follows:

  • Share data in real-time with anyone around the world minus travel expenses.
  • Save time on getting to meetings as virtual meetings are instant.
  • Remote teams can conveniently join via their device, boosting productivity.
  • Increase your reach by hosting meetings with unlimited participants.
  • Conduct a private one-to-one meeting without time limits.
  • Share the screen with attendees to conduct a presentation:
    • With screen sharing, refer to a specific graphic or detail, so everyone is on the same page.
    • Boost stronger presence and collaboration by enabling participants to view each other via live video.
    • Participants can also share real-time whiteboards for improved interaction.


Advanced Meeting Features


Some advanced features include integrated engagement tools such as Q&As, polling, annotations, and simultaneous screen sharing. Personalize your meeting link with your title and an image. Other applications enable you to join a meeting sans access codes through a Call Me option.

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