What Is Music On Hold?



Music on hold is a feature that plays a recording of music and/or speech when an inbound caller is placed on hold.

Without music on hold in place, inbound callers placed on hold will simply hear silence. With music on hold, customers hear a recording of music and speech. The music can be anything, but it must be a recording. Live radio is not permitted due to FCC regulations.


Why Is Music On Hold Important?

Music on hold is vital for any company that regularly has hold times for inbound calls. Being on hold makes callers frustrated and many will even hang up before connecting with an employee, leading to a bad customer experience. Companies want callers to stay on the line, as it gives them an opportunity to fulfill the customer’s need. Abandonment of a call makes it less likely the caller will repeat business with that company.


Benefits And Advantages of Music On Hold

Having music on hold actually makes the hold time seem shorter, which reduces frustration and increases caller retention rate.

Music on can also be used to increase sales or reduce support inquiries. One of the ways companies can maximize their music on hold is by mixing promotional or informational messages into their music on hold selections. For example, at a take-out restaurant, you can inform callers of your combo deal, resulting in a potential up-sell. Companies can provide estimated wait times for long customer service queues, or a reminder of a weekend sale for a local retailer. They can also offer callers a path to self-help resources that can more quickly resolve the customer's questions and reduce demand for live agents. 

Some companies will even offer the option of receiving a callback in their music on hold messaging, giving the call the option to have the company call them back once they're at the top spot in the queue, instead of waiting on hold. 

As a bonus, it makes your business appear more professional and polished. Music on hold is an easy way to improve any caller's perception and experience with your company.

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