What Is Omnichannel Case Management?


Omnichannel case management is an approach to customer management in which you can blend multiple communication platforms to form one consolidated customer service experience. For example, consider a scenario where your customer submits a product query through your website, requests support from a technician via SMS, and emails your team for upgrade advice. Omnichannel case management allows your team to track, monitor, and respond to each of these case management issues through one integrated dashboard. This saves your team the time outlay of hunting down important case management information across different platforms, promotes a positive customer experience, and, ultimately, better positions your business to identify new sales opportunities.


What Channels Are Included in Omnichannel Case Management?


Omnichannel case management accommodates a broad spectrum of communication channels, including but not limited to:

  • Recorded phone conversations
  • Logs of online chat sessions
  • Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds
  • Website comments, forms, and forums


A solution can enhance the customer outreach of large enterprises with a complex and elaborate sales presence — for example, a multinational company with diverse social media channels, call centers, and a chain of physical retail outlets. The approach can also help targeted enterprises with relatively few highly focused channels. An example here might be a small, locally-based retail outlet with a web-based comments form and a sales support email address.


Benefits of Omnichannel Case Management


An enterprise-grade omnichannel customer experience management platform can help your company by delivering:

  • Simplicity: Omnichannel communication brings all your communication channels into one environment. Moreover, the system can be managed and administered by users across your whole company.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Using this approach, your agents can collaborate in real-time to resolve customer inquiries and requests. Fewer interactions make for smoother and more satisfying customer experiences.
  • Productivity gains: A unified dashboard means all critical customer data is available in one place, saving time and improving overall sales productivity. 


Uses for Omnichannel Case Management


Using omnichannel case management, you can:

  • Swiftly resolve customer support requests, drawing from interaction data, and in-house expertise in every corner of your company.
  • Identify new sales opportunities, by seeing what information a customer is looking for, and quickly recognizing questions they need clarification on before committing to a purchase.
  • Provide comprehensive customer service, responding to separate communications in one efficient communication.
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