What Is An Open Standards-Based Solution?


An open standards-based solution is an approach to sharing data. Using an open standards-based approach, applications can share data freely with one another in a unified way. This paves the way for faster, more effective, and more robust communications. Moreover, open standards create an ideal environment for application development and support, and this can help you build tools and approaches to communication that specifically cater to your unique needs.


How Do Open Standards-Based Solutions Work?


Open standards-based solutions work through application programming interfaces (APIs), code designed to permit communication between software applications. The Mitel Open Integration Gateway (OIG), for example, is a platform that third-party developers can use to develop their software to communicate seamlessly with Mitel products. Essentially, these solutions work by creating a clear, consistent way for applications to share and report on data.


Benefits of Open Standards-Based Solutions


  • Rapid application development: Open standards effectively removes many of the barriers developers face in building a bridge across multiple software platforms. APIs create a custom toolbox that developers can draw from to work smarter with your data.
  • Unified communications: Ultimately, open standards-based solutions break down the inefficiency of information silos. This improves productivity, minimizes process latency, and enhances business performance.


Use Cases for Open Standards-Based Solutions


A freelancer recruitment business needs a database for managing collaboration with freelance creatives to interface with its payroll system. Using open-standards, a developer builds a web-based app for handling freelancer projects and linking final approval to an automated payment system.

A software development company needs to create a system where a white paper download from a website triggers a follow-up call from a call center operator and is entered into an analytics software to analyze customer demand. Developers craft a solution where these three separate platforms reciprocally communicate information about the download, along with follow-up action required.

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