Outbound chat allows employees to proactively reach out to customers using a chat feature that is integrated with the company phone system. Instead of waiting until customers experience a problem and dial in, employees can use outbound chat to provide additional service and support.

How Does Outbound Chat Work?


Outbound chat integrates with a VoIP phone system to provide employees with the flexibility of contacting customers for follow up and reminders. Once a customer is added into the contact system, the employee will have the option to contact that customer with a traditional outbound phone call or a chat message. The outbound chat message will reach the customer via a mobile app, the company's website, or push notifications, depending on the customer's contact preferences and the company's feature settings.

Benefits of Outbound Chat


Customers are increasingly using text-based forms of communication, and outbound chat allows employees to connect with customers without being tied down to a traditional phone call. This alternative method of communication often puts customers at ease, allowing employees to gather critical information about customer preferences and opening conversations that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

If the customer experiences a problem, employees can identify and resolve it early before it becomes a larger issue. These conversations help employees engage with customers at critical points in the business cycle, providing a higher level of customer service and improved customer experience.

Uses for Outbound Chat


Employees can use outbound chats to build stronger relationships with customers; chat messages can ensure that orders were received properly, services were completed on time, and customers are satisfied with their purchases. Outbound chat can also be used to minimize costs associated with missed appointments and reschedules.

Employees can send appointment reminders and confirmation requests to customers the day before an appointment, thus increasing the likelihood that the customer will be available. Conversations from outbound chat messages also provide an opportunity to upsell products and move a customer through the buying process.


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