What Is a Performance Management Dashboard?


A unified communications performance management dashboard enables users to effectively manage key processes within an organization's business communication system by consolidating metrics needed for monitoring, diagnostics, and reporting. It provides the necessary insights so IT can optimize the performance of the system, prevent issues, and troubleshoot effectively.


Benefits of a Performance Management Dashboard


A performance management dashboard helps your organization optimize the cost-efficiency of the business communication system and support successful technology deployment. Your IT team can get a consolidated view of the applications, network, and endpoint health to pinpoint weak spots and prevent costly issues. These insights can also help reduce operating costs, increase employee productivity, and improve customer experience.


Use Cases for a Performance Management Dashboard


A performance management dashboard allows you to:

  • Monitor the quality of service (QoS) of the unified communications system to optimize the user experience.
  • Alert IT to any issue in real-time to minimize the costly downtime.
  • Leverage network infrastructure interface statistics to reduce errors.
  • Collect device metrics to optimize physical environmental, electrical, and platform parameters.
  • Understand unified communications service quality metrics such as call setup time, call completion or rejection, and call-quality MOS to improve operational cost-efficiency.


Advanced Performance Management Dashboard Features


A robust performance management dashboard should offer features that allow IT to measure key quality metrics such as packet loss, jitter, and delay in real-time so you can optimize system performance. It should also allow you to monitor and control access to ensure the system's security. Other advanced features include analytics and reporting to help you understand overall system performance so you can adjust configurations to meet business objectives.

System logs and reporting capabilities allow you to generate customized reports quickly to enhance monitoring and performance improvement. A performance management dashboard allows you to get the most of your business communication network by providing valuable insights about quality and performance.

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