What Are Personal Dashboards?

A personal dashboard is a software that equips employees with a highly customizable overview of their business communications. In one screen, your employees can view and manage their conversations, both internally and with customers. Personal dashboards simplify business communications, offering employees a tailored view that helps them stay on top of their communications with minimal unnecessary distraction.

What's Included on a Personal Dashboard


A personal dashboard can include any of the following features, in a wide range of configurations:

  • A contacts directory that can quickly be sorted and filtered to give workers a clearer idea of who they should be communicating with next.
  • A list of missed calls and voicemail providing a portal to pick up messages from a desktop computer or a mobile device.
  • Chat records and other critical communications, offering your workers a simple and intuitive way to view relevant data across multiple communication channels in one place.


Advantages of a Personal Dashboard


The chief benefit of a personal dashboard is that it can be customized to each and every employee within your company. For example, a manager might use a dashboard that is configured to allow easy access to meeting records alongside a directory of section heads. A member of sales staff might work with a dashboard configured to provide a complete picture of a customer’s communication with your company, from telephone records to chat sessions and emails.


A personal dashboard:

  • Brings multiple communication channels into one unified view
  • Simplifies the task of communication while allowing users to drill into deeper detail if required
  • Works in the same way across both desk and mobile devices, equipping workers with a sense of continuity wherever they’re working


Who Can Benefit from a Personal Dashboard


A personal dashboard is a powerful tool for delivering order and consistency of communication while still equipping workers with a way to build their own unique communication toolbox. It’s particularly useful if people in your company need to communicate in different ways, and with different people.

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