What Is A Pre-Meeting Video View?


A pre-meeting video view enables you to preview your video before commencing a video call. Some videoconferencing apps reveal this preview by default. Other apps let you select your camera settings, and toggle a dialog box confirming to always show a video preview before joining.


How Pre-Meeting Video View Works


If you’re using Windows or a Mac operating system for video calling, log into your videoconferencing client’s account. Hover over your profile pic until you see your settings. Press video for a preview of your video view. If you’re using a mobile app, begin an instant test meeting to preview your video. Simply log in with your unique username and password and click on start meeting. Activate the video on option via the toggle icon and select start a meeting.

Some videoconferencing service providers may request that you grant them permission to access your camera when you first use the service. Once you grant this access, you’ll see a preview of your video.


Benefits of Pre-Meeting Video View


Video preview enables you to look your best before a meeting. You’ll also save time on adjusting your screen’s contrast, your camera’s angle, and your background. This means fewer distractions and technical difficulties during your meeting, so you can concentrate more effectively. It also improves productivity and shortens meetings. Pre-meeting video previews enable you to experiment with and ascertain if natural, overhead, or side lighting is best. Also, if you’re not happy with your background preview, you can change it via your virtual background setting.


Uses for Pre-Meeting Video


View Use the video preview option to help you ensure and test if your webcam is working properly, before your meeting. The feature also allows you to select another webcam if you’re not satisfied with the video quality.

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