What Is Presence Routing? 


Presence refers to the communication availability status of your team members. When a team member is "present," they are available to communicate, whether internally with a team member or externally with a customer or client. Presence routing is the process of forwarding a communication request — usually an inbound call — to another person or device if that person is unavailable. For example, let's say a customer called a business to speak with a support technician about a specific product. If that technician were occupied, presence routing would forward the call to another technician with similar product experience.


How Does Presence Routing Work?


Presence routing is a software process in which an artificially intelligent algorithm maintains a real-time list of who is available within your team, and whom the next best person to speak to would be in the event of that person's unavailability. Presence routing is highly customizable. To illustrate the possibilities, here are a few forwarding rules you can apply: Inbound sales calls from a specific geographical area could be re-routed to a local mobile salesperson. Calls from a team member's colleagues can be selectively directed to voice mail, while external calls from customers could be forwarded to an available salesperson. Calls to a worker in a given department will only go to someone else within that department.


Benefits of Presence Routing


  • A more efficient approach to communication: Presence routing gives your team the power to personalize how call routing works for them. Personalized call routing permits a higher level of flexibility and more targeted decision-making on which calls receive immediate attention and which calls are considered lower priority.
  • Smoother communication between in-office and remote workers: Routing calls appropriately can be a challenge in a geographically dispersed team. Presence routing can keep track of worker availability across a large virtual team, ensuring that your clients and customers are speaking with the right people in your organization.


Who Should Use Presence Routing


Presence routing is a powerful tool for any business that needs to make accurate real-time decisions about how to prioritize communication. It's especially useful for companies dealing with the challenges of managing availability across a geographically dispersed team with diverse areas of focus.

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