What Is A Recorded Greeting?



Recorded greetings allow your business to create customized messages for callers accessing your network. Those messages might provide a quick overview of your business, hours of operations or instructions on how to reach a particular department. The call script can be easily tailored to your business or specific needs.  A recorded greeting is often your business's first contact with a customer. 


Benefits And Advantages Of Recorded Greetings


Recorded greetings ensure that customers immediately recognize your business' professionalism and sophistication. They are also a more cost-effective way to address simple customer inquiries. Greetings are voiced by professional actors who can record clear and concise customer messaging. Voice actors can record dialogue in multiple languages depending on your company or customer base. In addition, a wide selection of musical themes can keep customers entertained while they wait. Companies can select standard message scripts or create their own, but messaging should be consistent from department to department. Recorded greetings can be used to convey information and are also an opportunity to market to customers on hold. 


Types Of Organizations And Companies That Benefit Most From Recorded Greetings


These bespoke solutions are often used by B2C companies with a high volume of inbound calls. This can include insurance companies, retail call centers or tourism bureaus. In those industries, providing clear instructions to access services and keeping callers satisfied while on hold are key to customer service. Customers that cannot access the information they need or who hang up before speaking to a representative are a lost revenue opportunity. Recorded greetings help augment receptionists and customer service staff while providing the highest quality service.

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