What Is Remote Working?


Remote working — also known as telecommuting — refers to a situation where a team member works offsite. Typically a remote worker will work from home, though an increasing number of remote workers are mobile and move from location to location. A rarity as little as a decade ago, remote working is now an everyday basis of employment across many sectors. Managing a geographically dispersed team comes with a range of challenges, chief among them being smooth and efficient communication. A conversation that could happen across a meeting table between on-premises staff may require multiple communication platforms among remote staff.


VoIP Features for Remote Working


These VoIP features ease the flow of communication involving remote workers:

  • Conferencing Options: A VoIP communication network is generally a more flexible platform for handling teleconferences. Team members can enter or exit group conversations with ease. Calls can readily be recorded and shared for later reference. Supporting technologies, such as screen-sharing and chat platforms, can be integrated with a voice connection to enhance the exchange of information.
  • Increased reliability: Because VoIP works on a cloud platform, it will continue to function even if communication hardware at your office fails. The robust nature of a VoIP system makes the technology a good foundation for teams using a diverse array of communication technologies.
  • Dialing location flexibility: Hot desking is the practice of allocating a small, flexible pool of desks to staff when needed. VoIP enhanced call-forwarding features make it simple to forward a phone number through to any physical work location, making it easy for your office to support team members who work remotely only some of the time.


How VoIP Benefits Remote Work


Ultimately, VoIP benefits businesses with remote workers by supplying a versatile, feature-rich, and reliable platform for communications. The system is built for flexibility and will effectively scale with a growing remote workforce.


Companies That Can Benefit From Remote Working


Remote working solutions are a useful strategy for any company aiming to save money by reducing its administrative overhead. It's also an effective approach for increasing a company's recruitment pool to encompass a larger number of potential employees while reducing its exposure to health-related disruptions by limiting physical contact among staff during a public health crisis.


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