What Is Scheduled Callbacks?


Scheduled callbacks are optional features for business phone systems that provide incoming callers an opportunity to schedule a return call during peak business times. If the caller does not want to wait on hold for extended periods during high-volume call times, he or she can request a callback and provide a convenient time for the callback to occur.


How Do Scheduled Callbacks Work?


While many business phone systems offer a callback feature, most can only provide immediate, or "ASAP," callbacks. This means customers must still be waiting by the phone to accept the return call whenever it arrives. With scheduled callbacks, the caller is provided a list of times to receive the call. To make sure the call center can honor the callback request, rules can be specified that prohibit scheduling callbacks outside of normal call center hours, and call scheduling can be further limited to off-peak times to help smooth out spikes in call volume. From the list of available times, incoming callers can choose one that best works for them, and the callback will be added to an outbound queue or assigned to an employee via a reminder notice that includes the customer's information and reason for the requested call.


Benefits of Scheduled Callbacks


Callbacks are shown to improve customer satisfaction and reduce call hangups by minimizing the amount of time a customer must spend on hold. Scheduled callbacks further improve customer satisfaction by giving customers a feeling of control over their own customer experience. By offering a scheduled time of the customer's choosing, agents can also be better assured that the customer is available and expecting a call, which increases the likelihood of a one-call resolution.


Uses for Scheduled Callbacks


Scheduled callbacks can be used in high-volume customer service centers, especially when call volume can change with little notice. For example, a communications provider may use scheduled callbacks to handle excessive call volume due to a power outage or unexpected storm damage.

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