What Is Silent Monitoring?


Silent monitoring allows a supervisor or other personnel to monitor a call at a call center or other business. Silent monitoring works differently than a traditional call where a supervisor could pick up a call to listen in. Like the name implies, silent monitoring is undetectable to both the call representative and customer on the phone. However, you can add an optional warning tone to let a user know monitoring is in progress.


Benefits & Advantages of Silent Monitoring


Silent monitoring serves as an integral function where service quality levels are monitored and improved. A supervisor can identify that training is working, or where employees need more feedback and guidance on how to effectively handle customer service issues. Silent monitoring can also improve overall training processes at your company to ensure more sales or retain customers. When supervisors observe what issues repeatedly arise on calls across all employees, they can refocus training to benefit the company.


Use Cases for Silent Monitoring


A supervisor who wants to monitor the progress of a new hire can listen in silently by selecting a specific call. The supervisor can then collect feedback to present to their employee later, or use Mitel's Silent Coach in tandem with silent monitoring. MiCloud Connect's Silent Coaching system allows the supervisor to intervene in a user's active call and offer guidance. Only the customer service representative can hear the feedback and change the course of the call in real-time to make more sales or improve overall customer service.


How to Use Silent Monitoring


Silent monitoring is easy to use. Simply press the phone button that your company has configured for silent monitoring to initiate this feature. The supervisor can either dial the extension on the phone when prompted or immediately connect if the button is programmed for a specific extension.

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