What is Single Number Reach (SNR)?


Single Number Reach (SNR) allows a call center or other business to be reached by a single enterprise phone number. The phone can be configured to ring on an IP desk phone, cell phone, or other remote location so the customer can always reach someone. Use Single Number Reach to forward your calls to your desk, cell phone, or home phone without passing out multiple phone numbers to your customers. Single Number Reach allows you to be in multiple locations without missing important calls.


Who Should Use Single Number Reach?


Business owners or employees should use Single Number Reach if they’re frequently out of the office or want to work remotely without worrying about customers being able to reach out and make contact. Single Number Reach can also improve your business when you’re not missing calls and are always available to make a cell or resolve a customer issue.


Companies That Benefit from Single Number Reach


Using Single Number Reach can enhance your customer service, sales, and retention processes with increased availability. When customers have a single phone number to call, they can resolve their issues quickly without waiting for a response. Single Number Reach is ideal for a company with a mobile sales force, a call center, or where employees live in different areas across the country or globe. No matter where your workforce is, customers can reach your team from a single number.


Advantages of Single Number Reach


Companies convey the sense they're always available with Single Number Reach. With the ability to ring multiple phones and locations, business owners or employers are readily available to pick up the phone within your set business hours. A Single Number Reach also allows companies to strengthen their brand with a central number, like a toll-free number, to ring multiple devices.

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