What Is SIP Bundles?


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) bundles are a service that combines Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connectivity and traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). The SIP bundle combines to provide an on-premises phone set up to serve a business. SIP bundles, also known as SIP trunks, are a virtual phone line that delivers digital voice calls across an internet network.


Benefits of SIP Bundles


SIP trunking provides a method of delivering reliable digital voice services for your business while saving you the cost of hardware or the need to transfer phone systems. In the past, organizations typically connected the PSTN through private branch exchange companies. This meant hefty installation costs and allocating phone lines and numbers across numerous employees. In the same way that media, images, and data travel over the internet, SIP bundles allow calls to be directed via the web, providing a cost-effective merge of data and phone calls. Other benefits include:

  • Scalability: With SIP bundles, it is easy to grow your business and add capacity.
  • Cost-effective: Forgoing hardware, physical space requirements, or lengthy installation needs, SIP is an affordable solution rather than paying line costs for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). SIP trunking cuts costs and prepares your business for moving to advanced communications.
  • Streamline multi-site offices: An SIP bundle extends the business network on a virtual level, enabling employees to connect, share information, and transfer calls as if they were in a shared office space.
  • High voice quality calls: With an optimized data network Internet connection, calls made over SIP trunking are of optimum quality.


Types of Companies That Should Use SIP Bundles


If your company needs a communication system that can make international and national calls over VoIP, as well as use PSTN lines, then a SIP bundle is advised. This set up will benefit your business if you have multi-site offices or remote-work employees. It provides a centralized host and competitive technology for organizations of all sizes.


Advanced SIP Bundle Features


Communication service providers can supply the advanced feature of centralizing hosted communications support. Despite the geographical distance, an office's SIP bundle is separately managed while remote offices maintain the local presence of the head office with a local number. SIP providers need to enable E911 service calls so that any 911 emergency is routed to the caller's local emergency center. SIP trunking also supports toll-free numbers for businesses that need them. As a new industry standard for voice, SIP bundles support most modern VoIP equipment. The adoption of a SIP trunk is seamless with the partnership and expertise of excellent technical support.

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