What Is SMS Broadcast Software?


SMS broadcast software allows businesses to send text messages in bulk to a large group. Sending out mass texts manually could lead to human error and missed contact opportunities for your business. Customers who opt into SMS messages can also be contacted via SMS broadcast software, making it easy for companies to reach thousands of people at one time.


How Does SMS Broadcast Software Work?


Businesses that want to send out mass texts can upload contacts to the software and type out the desired message before clicking send. SMS messages can also be scheduled to deploy at the desired time to help businesses launch a product, business, or promotion. SMS broadcasting software also allows customers to send a designated shortcode to your company to receive specific information or promotional offers. The shortcode automatically triggers the information to be sent back to the customer, making it efficient and easy to enroll new customers onto your company’s contact list.


Use Cases for SMS Broadcast Software


Companies that want more customers can use SMS broadcast software to send out promotions and offers in mass volume. Send out an offer to existing customers or entice new ones to sign-up to your contact list with a shortcode. In turn, the SMS broadcast software sends a discount code or coupon in exchange for their contact information.


Benefits & Advantages of SMS Broadcast Software


  • SMS broadcast software is a reliable and dependable way to send out important information to customers and anyone on your contact list.
  • There’s little room for human error when the software manages the process for you.
  • SMS typically has a high open-rate and can improve conversions with coupon codes, promotions, or other offers.
  • A combination of SMS shortcodes and promotional announcements can help businesses earn more revenue and drive more interest in their products and services.
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