What Is A Softphone?




A softphone, is a piece of software that allows you to make phone calls over the internet through any device with a supported speaker and microphone. Using a softphone allows users to make phone calls without the use of an actual physical telephone. 


Common Softphone Features


In business settings, a softphone is usually equipped with a headset and microphone that’s ported over a VoIP connection. The demand for softphones continues to rise, and with that, comes demand even more useful features.

Softphones are equipped with features typically only reserved for traditional business phone systems like the ability to receive, place, and transfer calls, set up call waiting, reroute calls, and a lot more.


The softphone runs on a PC or mobile as a downloadable app. Other unique features include geographic flexibility, messaging and video, contact history and integration, availability status' of contacts, and other features that make caller information easier to record and store. 


What Are The Benefits And Advantages Of Softphones


Using softphones can lead to massive cost savings. Calls placed over a VoIP connection are often cheaper than those over traditional phone calls, and you can save on physical hardware costs as well. Beyond cost reduction, your business will likely get access to features (depending on your provider) like advanced video conferencing, call center integration, easy phone system scalability, and remote or distributed company support, all while presenting a unified company image.


Another great benefit of softphones is geographic flexibility, which is becoming increasingly prevalent since many have adopted home office setups is geographic flexibility. Wherever employees are, they can seamlessly conduct, or attend team meetings, collaborate, make calls to clients and even redirect an inbound call to another department. Even for the occasional day out of the office, softphone portability provides the opportunity for business to continue as usual. The ease of access leads to increased productivity.


Company Advantages of Softphones


If your company is embracing the new work-from-home economy, like 42% of the U.S. labor force, then softphones are the way forward. Any business that wants to eliminate expensive desktop telephones and hardware will benefit from softphone technology. Should your business relocate or set up a new office, you will not have to worry about installing and moving landlines. The quick setup and the ability to easily add a new softphone line online make it effortless for big or small companies.


The Role Of Softphones in VOIP Systems 

By employing the use of softphones across your organization, you’ll be setting your business up for future success. Softphones are a crucial aspect of a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) business phone system. A VoIP phone system uses an internet connection to transmit voice, video, and data over your network connection, compared to a traditional phone line. These systems also integrate other communication features like instant chat, SMS messaging, and other text-based forms of communication. You'll be able to readily adapt to changing consumer preferences, without having to upgrade or overhaul your entire communication system.

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