What Is Speech Analytics?


Speech analytics automates the process of listening to interactions or phone calls between your customers and your team. Speech analytics software can also dissect specific information from conversations to figure out the more subtle nuances of a conversation. Speech analytics doesn’t just detect words, but also how much silence there is during the conversation and what evokes a particular response from a customer.


How Does Speech Analytics Work?


Speech analytics takes audio recordings and related metadata such as the topic of the call, which agent took the call, and the date the call took place among other information. Sounds from the call are then turned into text and analyzed for language patterns that can be tagged and categorized. Silence is also factored into the language pattern, as well as any sighs and inaudible noises. All of the information and data from the speech analysis is put together and can be reviewed by business owners, supervisors, and team members. The information can then help businesses make decisions about the training strategy, offerings, and customer retention tactics.


Use Cases for Speech Analytics


  • Contact centers can help pinpoint what makes a customer happy or dissatisfied with the help of speech analytics.
  • Collecting data and more information from calls help businesses improve agent performance and training.
  • A combination of speech analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) strategies can also help businesses increase their bottom line and improve customer retention rates.


Benefits & Advantages of Speech Analytics


Speech analytics can help businesses gather valuable information and subtle customer needs and nuances that might be missed. Companies can also lower their expenses and increase profit margins with the help of speech analytics. The more customers a business retains, the more they can reduce the need for additional marketing, advertising, and on-boarding costs to acquire new customers.

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