What Is Video Calling?


Video calling gives team members the ability to see colleagues' or customers’ faces during a call, providing many advantages over traditional audio-only calls. It can provide a more personal venue for communication between remote team members or clients who don't have the ability to meet in-person.


Benefits & Advantages of Video Calling


  • Cost Savings: Video calling cuts down on travel costs by providing employees a remote option for face-to-face communication, reducing the need for business travel. Employees can prioritize meetings to identify which should be in-person and which can be done with a video call.
  • Collaboration: Attendees can share their computer screens, quickly share documents, draw on the screen to make their points clear, and even create polls to get feedback.
  • Productivity: Video calls can be played back later for team members who can’t make the call or if anyone wants to review to see exactly what was said.
  • Strong Remote Teams: For teams who work remotely, video calling and conferencing can keep their relationships stronger than if they depend solely on impersonal email communication.


What Is the Difference Between Video Calling & Video Conferencing?


Video calling allows you to directly call one other person and talk exclusively to them via their direct number or another identifier. Video conferencing allows multiple participants to call in to the same virtual meeting, using a designated number or access code created specifically for that meeting.


Advanced Video Calling Features


These advanced video calling features make a smoother experience for call participants:

  • Mute Upon Arrival: Unwanted sounds are avoided by muting everyone’s mic when the call starts.
  • “Waiting Rooms”: To assure that only the right person attends your call, you can have attendees sent first to a waiting room. They’re allowed into the call only when you’ve determined they should have access.
  • Transcripts and Recordings: You’ll know exactly what was said and at what time.
  • Video Conferencing: Add multiple participants to your call to host virtual meetings with more than one attendee.
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