What Is A Visual Alert?


Mass notification systems allow a company or organization to broadcast a message to its members via their smartphone or tablet. It's an efficient way to get your information out to a broad audience. One form this can take is a visual alert. When a visual alert is broadcast, your message will pop up as a simple message on your target's device.


Types of Visual Alerts


Visual alerts are most frequently sent as text messages. Texting technology works on any portable device, making it highly accessible. Moreover, it's simple, low-bandwidth, and easy to read on your target's device. Visual alerts can be released to announce a timely marketing or awareness-raising message, or you can design alerts that are triggered when your audience visits a specific geographic location.


Benefits & Advantages of Visual Alerts


Visual alerts are an ethical and non-intrusive way to send out mass-messaging:

Visual alerts are an opt-in service, meaning your audience consents to receive a message. They are, therefore, an ethical way to reach your audience, with minimal risk of eliciting an adverse reaction.

  • These messages can be highly targeted: Because visual alerts can reach your intended recipients' devices in real-time, these notifications can be hyper-focused on providing one clear and specific message about a particular place or moment in time. This increases the likelihood that you'll receive quality engagement.
  • Most people are visual: Visual alerts are processed by sight; they're instantaneous and appear directly on a handheld device. This way of communicating is therefore strongly compatible with how the vast majority of people process information.


Use Cases for Visual Alerts


Here are a few typical use cases for visual alert technology: A marketing message could be sent out to a brand's customer-base to announce the release of a new product. Visual alerts could be used to inform a company's workforce of an impending hazard, or an issue requiring critical and immediate attention. Students on campus can be notified via visual alert of a changed schedule or an upcoming event. The technology is powerful in any situation where you need to grab your audience's attention immediately.

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