What Is Visual Voicemail?


Visual voicemail allows you to see all your messages at a glance and prioritize them without having to listen to them in the order in which they were received. Through transcripts, icons, and other features, you see a snapshot of your messages and can take actions quickly, helping you work more efficiently and provide better communication to your customers and colleagues.


How Visual Voicemail Works


Visual voicemail provides you with important information about each call in addition to a transcript. When you open your voicemail system you will see: The day and time the call was received The length of the message Whether the message is marked as urgent Whether the caller has requested a call back You can even save the message as an audio file to your device or upload it to the cloud for safe-keeping. Want to have someone else listen to the call as well? You can easily forward the message to that person.


Benefits & Advantages of Visual Voicemail


The key advantages of visual voicemail are:

  • Save time: Instead of having to listen to each message in order, you can quickly decide which messages you need to listen to and which you can delete.
  • A transcript of the message: Skim through what each caller said to determine the content of the call without having to listen to the entire message.
  • Icons to indicate important details: Get visual signals for which calls are urgent, require a call back, or have other special characteristics, helping you prioritize calls more quickly.


Who Should Use Visual Voicemail?


Visual voicemail helps anyone looking to streamline their communications and prioritize their most important calls and tasks. It may be most useful for highly visible employees who receive a large volume of calls daily. And of course, those with hearing impairments will benefit greatly from a visual system.

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