What is Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWifi)?


VoWiFi is the industry standard approach for mobile service providers seeking to deliver voice and SMS/MMS services over Wi-Fi.  With VoWiFi, mobile subscribers receive a seamless voice and messaging experience as they move between the macro cellular network and existing Wi-Fi networks such as those at home and the office. VoWiFi provides a low cost international roaming solution as users can make and receive mobile calls as if they were on their home network when connected to any Wi-Fi network around the world.

For mobile network operators, VoWiFi addresses indoor coverage challenges in the precise locations that are typically difficult to reach with the macro network. As a result, they can see lower churn due to improved service coverage as well as lower costs due to increased network offload. For mobile virtual network operators and other alternative mobile service providers, VoWiFi enables adoption of a Wi-Fi First strategy. With Wi-Fi First, all subscriber voice and messaging traffic when connected to Wi-Fi stays on net rather than using minutes and messages from their macro cellular network partner. 

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