What Is Voice Recording?


Voice recording involves the act of recording all of the voices in a phone conversation. This feature is widely available on business phone systems, and it can also be referred to as call recording or voice logging.


How Does Voice Recording Work?


Voice recording is accomplished through the use of a voice recorder: a digital device that records the contents of a phone call and stores the data for later use. Since the recordings are digital, they can be stored on a company's local servers for a period of time and scheduled for automatic deletion after a specified number of days, or they can be saved to the cloud as a backup record of incoming phone calls.


Benefits of Voice Recording


Once a conversation is recorded, it can be used for many purposes within a company. Managers can analyze recordings for employee evaluation and training purposes, or employees can use the recording for self-analysis and continual improvement. If there is a customer dispute, voice recordings can provide unequivocal proof of what was or was not promised on a call. In the unfortunate event that a dispute escalates to the point of a lawsuit, the recordings can also serve as evidence during a trial.


Advanced Voice Recording Features


Voice recording features can be a valuable add-on to your business phone system, but it can create excessive data that must be processed and cataloged if not handled properly from the beginning. To make voice recordings seamless, your phone system should also include these advanced voice recording features:

  • Call tagging and categorizing: Calls can be automatically tagged with the employee's name, date, or other relevant data to streamline call organization.
  • Multi-format recording: Once a call is saved, the digital recorder can convert the files into multiple file formats for ease of use and integration into other business systems.
  • Automatic file routing: After a call is recorded, the system can automatically route the file to specified directories for saving or reviewing, based on specified rules or tags.
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