VoIP Call Recording for Business

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The Call Recording Feature

Never miss an opportunity to advance. Having a call recording solution allows your company to unlock the full potential of each and every customer, client, colleague or supplier communication. With business call recording, you can quickly capture, archive, organize, playback and share voice conversations, enabling you to gain valuable insight into every important interaction.

How Does VoIP Call Recording Work?

A call recording solution works similarly to any recording device you may be familiar with—only a lot more sophisticated. It’s a business application that has been proven to be an invaluable tool for not only enhancing the customer experience, but for improving overall business efficiency. VoIP call recording or hosted PBX call recording is a fully optimized tool that makes use of recording software to provide valuable information through which you may review and analyze at your convenience.

When call recording is activated for a chosen line, all inbound and outbound calls to/from that extension are securely captured and converted into voice data files. From there, the application can automatically or manually categorize and archive the data into a number of different file formats which can be played back instantly or at a later date. Depending on your phone system and service provider, calls can be recorded entirely in the cloud or on-premises through the use of VoIP call recording software.

Benefits of VoIP Call Recording

Business phone recording holds many benefits for its users. With the passing of new laws and regulations, call recording is actually becoming a necessity for many businesses. But even companies outside those tightly regulated worlds are quickly discovering the increased benefits these features provide. While most companies value specific benefits, we’ve outlined a few general ones here.

  • Simple to set up, even simpler to use. VoIP call recording automatically records and stores voice data, according to your settings. Once call recording is set in place, all you need to do is utilize the recordings it gives you.
  • Improve customer experience with the ability to instantaneously review your customer calls and seize the opportunity to teach employees how to improve customer experience. A happy customer means a happy business owner.
  • Quickly and efficiently access recordings to resolve customer disputes. Things happen – stay a step ahead with the ability to quickly revisit any issue and promptly resolve it.
  • Gain customer trust and loyalty by protecting their most sensitive information by means of encryption. Encrypting call recordings and the detailed data that comes with them represents a high level of professionalism. Your customers will thank you.
  • Mitigate regulatory fines and keep information safe. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Financial Services Authority, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act & Telemarketing Sales Rule are just a few of the compliance regulations you may be dealing with. Stay covered with call recording software that complies with these standards and regulations.


Using a call recording application can improve any company from the top down to the bottom line. Any organization that operates in phone-based transactions or simply communicates with customers on a regular basis can only stand to benefit from an increased insight into its everyday interactions and operations. VoIP call recording is an indispensable tool for savvy, future-oriented business owners who want to enhance their level of service. An increase in service levels means an improvement in reputation—the key to continued success.

Mitel’s MiVoice Call Recording allows you to seamlessly record and monitor phone calls, offered on a full range of scalable, networkable and reliable recording platforms. This solution can be deployed on premise, in a private cloud or in the public cloud. Discover all of the unique advantages of Mitel’s MiVoice Call Recording today.

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