What is a Web Dialer?


A web dialer lets customers dial phone numbers from a myriad of web pages, using desktop web browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE) and Chrome. Simplify your workflow when you go from browsing to an instant call via a simple click on your Windows or Mac Operating System. If you’re making multiple outbound calls, a web dialer conveys a recorded message to your contacts when they answer. Alternatively, a web dialer can route your calls to an agent when contacts answer.

How Do Web Dialers Work?


Once you install a web dialer, all the phone numbers in your web browser are highlighted. This occurs as the web dialer processes the pages displayed in your browser. Web dialers can also identify contact numbers that are written as hyperlinks. 

A web dialer detects your location and gives you the relevant dialing codes. You can configure your settings to conceal caller ID and also choose to hinder websites from processing pages that display phone numbers that resemble those that are not able to be dialed.

Advantages of a Web Dialer


Moving expeditiously from browsing to dialing saves you time when making calls. It also rules out dialing incorrectly which boosts accuracy and workflow. Web dialers also give you the option of saving spreadsheets with your customers' names and contact numbers as a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file and utilizing this as a convenient one-click dialing directory.


Types of Companies That Benefit From Web Dialers


Companies dependent on the web for buying, research, and sales benefit from web dialers. Call centers can also use web dialers to make outbound calls. Customer relationship management (CRM) businesses relying on the web use web dialers too.

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