What Is Workflow Designer?


Workflow is a process comprising a series of tasks that need to be completed by various employees in a particular sequence to finish a project. Workflow design is crucial for all tasks in your business, as it promotes a more streamlined, efficient workflow. Workflow designers help automate and configure the entire or partial process, considering each step of the process, the resources needed for each step, and the employees or teams responsible for completing it.


Benefits and Advantages of Workflow Designer


Organizational goals become attainable when you use a workflow designer, as your workforce strives toward collective project goals. You can also improve communication between various departments within your business.

Save on time spent on sending emails back and forth. You can automate leave approval, invoice management, and employee on-boarding processes. A workflow designer helps eradicate bottlenecks and eliminate roadblocks to completing a project.

Using a workflow designer helps you see your workflow process from beginning to end. This makes it easier for you to know which changes to implement and how to eradicate time-consuming, redundant activities and roles. Removing unnecessary roles helps you save on operational expenses too.


Use Cases for Workflow Designer


  • Create customized forms from a range of templates via the visual form builder.
  • Organize your fields so that it’s correct for every stage.
  • Design all your necessary drop-down boxes, tables, and check-boxes.
  • Integrate your workflow with third-party apps.
  • Secure your data with SSL encryption and select what you want encrypted.
  • Save your data on the cloud.


Advanced Workflow Designer Features


Using auto-approval for non-critical issues helps save time, where employees usually have to wait on approvals from management. Processes are also completed via auto-approval, even if superiors are on holiday.

You can also use a workflow designer to notify the workforce when someone has gone on leave. Managers can then delegate tasks to co-workers via your workflow designer.

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