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Perth-based iQuest is one of Australia’s leading business technology specialists, delivering highly-tailored solutions to clients spanning industries including financial services and healthcare. Originating as the IT department within an established stockbroking firm before being spun out, iQuest boasts a small, agile team of expert professionals with a genuine devotion to speed, reliability and ultimately business success.

iQuest deployed Mitel’s MiCloud Connect telephony system enabling all staff, including in-field support engineers, to quickly, seamlessly connect with customers – and each other – regardless of location, device or time zone, ensuring the company maintained its reputation for outstanding service and support.

“As a company that prides itself on delivering innovative technology solutions with world-class support to our customers, it’s essential that we have a communications system that facilitates immediate and reliable connections with our specialist teams, especially during critical times,” said Pietro Bertolini, General Manager Corporate IT Solutions with iQuest.

    • Maintain a reputation as a leading innovator of business technology solutions backed by uncompromising service and support
    • Reduce drops-outs and other communications problems
    • Ensure seamlessly connection between staff and customers regardless of location, device or time zone
    • iQuest now boasts a telephony system with zero drops-outs and perfect clarity
    • Softphone capabilities enable the business to configure all calls however it wants
    • Powerful and flexible mobility features allow anyone to work effectively from anywhere
    • Phone system is backed by unprecedented redundancy and industry-best support

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